I just have a quick little update today. As I wrote yesterday, my lips started tingling and feeling a little bit numb about an hour after I took the Lupron shot. As the day progressed the numbness got worse and my hands started to feel numb too. The worst part was that my legs suddenly started itching to the point that it felt like fire ants were crawling on me. The doctor said I was having an allergic reaction to the Lupron and needed to stop taking it immediately. He switched me to the Ganirelix protocol. Ganirelix prevents premature ovulation just like Lupron, but you don’t start taking it until you begin to produce eggs. Luckily this wasn’t too big of a snafu and it won’t change the timing or anything else. Thank goodness!

The tingling and numbness finally stopped, but my legs continued to itch mercilessly. I had promised to help my little cousin do her makeup for prom, and I was determined to be a woman of my word. When I got to her house I was running around like I had ants in my pants. She had the brilliant idea of putting Chilly Pads (used by runners behind their neck) over my legs and I got immediate relief. A-lle-luia! I’m pretty sure her date’s family thought I was a weirdo, because I was essentially walking around covered in giant shammies. The moral of the story is: don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to home remedies. You just never know what might work. 🙂

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